Wax Impressions offers a unique experience and entertainment for children, teenagers and couples. We create and decorate a mold of your hand out of wax. We started the business in 2012. Our first event was the Bedford Blues and BBQ Festival.  It was a hot weekend, but we came prepared with a mini fridge to display and store the wax hands for our customers. When we began we had two big melting units that we would bring to festivals and craft fairs. One held the white wax for the molds and the other held colored waxes for decorating the molds.  The wax hands were a big draw at festivals and we often had a line of people watching and waiting for their turn.

wax impressions booth  east-main-art-festival

We really had a great time interacting with customers and creating these little works of art, but it was a constant battle to keep the wax melted properly because of the power supply and the weather. Let’s face it, those wax units were really heavy and awkward to move, so we stopped booking events for a while.

In 2016 we decided it was time to dust of the units and start making hands again. We attended the Main Street Art and Music Festival in Arlington and got a nice write up in the local news. My Arlington TX  The event was a huge success, but once again we struggled with keeping the wax melted. We knew it was time to explore other options for the business.

In August we invested in a 22′ RV after coming to the conclusion that the best thing for our business was to have a stylish and easy way to bring wax hands to birthday parties, events, and festivals. We removed one side of the bench seating in the back of the RV and installed a cabinet that holds a new melting unit and an ice water bucket.


The new set up is amazing and we have our own power source. The RV offers us an air conditioned space where party guests and festival patrons can create a wax hand and have a fun memory.


The vehicle will hold about 8 people at a time, but don’t worry we will have something fun going on outside too. The RV has it’s own awning and we’ll have a video playing on the outside of the vehicle. At some events, we may even have a table set up out there to make glitter tattoos  for the people watching and waiting for their turn.


Wax Impressions is available 7 days a week to book parties and events in the Crestview/ Niceville/ Ft Walton Beach/ Destin and some of the other surrounding cities, with only a few black out dates each month for public events such as craft fairs and festivals. Check out our calendar to see if we have a time and date available for your event. Don’t have a special event…come out and join us at our next public event. Calendar of Events

Wax Impressions also makes and sells homemade crafts including Ba-Bling Bath Bombs, candles, wax figurines and fairy jar lanterns. These other crafts are usually sold at our public events but they can be ordered through this website and shipped anywhere in the US.