Do you believe in Fairies?  Ever catch lightening bugs in a jar?  This beautiful craft project gives you the illusion of having your own Fairy or Butterfly in a jar.  They make a great decoration or a night light. Each jar comes with a battery powered tea light, so there is no flame or toxic smell.

Fairy Jars come in three sizes and a couple of styles…

Small:  Screw down lid or latching top.  $10 each



Medium:  Screw down lid or Jar with handle (only one available) – $12.00 each


Large:  Screw down lid or jar with handle (only one available) – $15.00 each


Fairy Jar Kits are also available.  Each kit contains everything that you would need to make the medium size fairy jar include 5 fairy silhouettes so you can choose your favorite.

MeduimDYI Fairy Jar Lantern Kit$13.00 each


Wax Impressions is also offering these 3 beautiful Butterfly Lantern Jars.

Butterfly Jar –  $15.00 each

Fairy Jar and Butterfly Lanterns are available for sale at festivals and by request through the contact form.