Capture a moment in time!!!

Get a replica of your hand made from wax! 


We dip your hand into warm, melted wax and create a mold of your hand that can be designed and decorated as you wish.

img_0036  img_0143

Add color we have several to choose from.



Customize your wax hand(s) by adding things like your name, a decoration, or a sticker.

Finish the hand with a shiny, protective coating.

Making a wax hand mold is a fun and unique experience.  They make great souvenirs,decorations, or keepsakes.  They will also make an excellent replacement for a team trophy.


We can make a mold of one of your hands, both of your hands together, or holding hands with someone else.



halloween hands We can decorate your hand for holidays like Halloween…

or for your favorite sports team..


For those of you with babies and children under 3 years old we offer wax foot molds.

They are so cute!!!      baby-foot-copy


We can even take a wax molds and create a plaster hand(s) or foot. These plaster statues will last forever. They show so much detail. You’ll love them.

Come find us at our next public event to get your very own wax hand. calendar-of-events

Give your party or special event a hand!  We have three party packages available.

Reserve your date and time today. (Contact Us)