We Give Your Party a Hand

Wax Hands

Capture a moment in time!!!

Get a replica of your hand made from wax! 

img_0125  img_0036  img_0143

We dip your hand into warm, melted wax and create a mold of your hand that can be designed and decorated as you wish.

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We can make a mold of one of your hands or both of your hands together.

Or you can hold hands with someone else.

For those of you with babies and children under 3 years old we offer wax foot molds.

They are so cute!!!      baby-foot-copy

For more information: Wax Hands

Come find us at our next public event to get your very own wax hand. calendar-of-events

Give your party or special event a hand!  We have three party packages available.



Glitter Tattoos


Wax Impressions loves anything that is creative and entertaining. We have found something quick and fun for customers to do at our public events. 

Glitter Tattoos also make a great addition to your party. 

These sparkly, temporary tattoos will last at least a week and sometimes longer.

We offer a variety of stamps and all of the letters of the alphabet.

  It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

 1. Choose a stamp                                                                             2. Choose a color.

20160922_171459     glitter-colors

3. Choose where you want the tattoo…arm, leg, hand, foot, shoulder, back, or stomach.

It only takes a minute, but it lasts for days.

We will be offering glitter tattoos at most of our public events, so check our Calendar to find out where we will be next.

If you want glitter tattoos at your party or special event. Contact Us.  We would be happy to work something out.

We Love DIY – Homemade Crafts

We love crafting.  Order one of our Fairy Jar Lanterns, Ba-Bling Bath Balls, Candles or Wax Figurines from our website.  Or make one for yourself. We can provide you with a kit or direct you to a demonstration video.



Find us at our next public event. We will be selling most of these items inside the RV.